happy summer!

looking forward to: school supplies shopping

currently conquering: unpacking and decorating my new room

music: high hopes - the vamps

well, you know me. i've got so much to say about love.
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Endless List of Music Videos: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift (2008)


one direction come out with a greatest hits album and it’s literally just a re-release of take me home

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# yeah

I had a NIGHTMARE last night that it was the night before school started oh my god it was awful and I panicked so hard this is why you don’t leave your summer reading for the last month

"I’ve said it before but I’ll say it
again, for the sake of this poem.
I am not the kind of person that
things happen to.
I am not the kind of person that
things happen to, so I make it up.
I draw the dragon and then I
jump on its back.

I take a feeling and I say
‘Do something! Become something!
Help me or go away!’

There’s usually a boy. Sometimes
not. Either way, there’s someone
and they’ve hurt me.
There’s someone and they don’t
love me back,
because that’s what I want. That’s
my poetry.

I’m sorry, you know? I don’t know
what to do with the ones who have
already been here, so I pretend.
I play dolls. I change their names
and their clothes and their stories.

Call me what you want. I know
what the truth is. I know what to
put in between the lines to make it
sting like a real thing.
I know how to make myself better.

Still, I wish I could touch my
own heart instead of writing about
what it must feel like.
I wish I could do anything without
faking it.
What’s left to be honest about,
if not this? What’s left?

When things don’t happen,
I kick up the dirt, I blow on the
dust, I shake the snow globe.
So what if dragons aren’t real?
I bet you wish they were.


Caitlyn Siehl, Drawing the Dragon (via alonesomes)



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it’s happening

Zayn tweeting about the radical notion of self-love. 


everything bout you is that song that come up on shuffle at the right moment and it makes u wanna clean ur room, take a shower, find a man, marry that man, have kids, exercise, fight a man, and do better

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yeah this is ur daily killjoy reminder that if ur attitude towards gay ppl is “love the sinner hate the sin” then ur still a homophobe congratulations

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